Olive Township has two active cemeteries within its boundaries. Olive Township Cemetery is located on the southeast corner of 116th Avenue & Taylor Street. West Olive Cemetery is located south of Stanton on 136th Avenue.

For information concerning these cemeteries or to purchase lots, please call the township office at 616-786-9996 during business hours. Lots may be purchased only by township residents or those who own real property within the township. Grave prices are as follows:

Olive Township Cemetery                            West Olive Cemetery

1 grave:       $150.00                                        1 grave:    $150.00
2 graves:     $300.00                                       4 graves:  $400.00
4 graves:     $500.00

Marking & Gravesite Pre & Post Preparation: $100

Headstone Foundation: $125

Cremation Burial: $100


View the Olive Township Cemetery Layout map (PDF)

View the Ottawa County Cemetery Mapping application