New! A secure dropbox has been installed in the office wall just to the left of the front door if you need to drop something off after hours. This dropbox may be used for absentee ballots.

NOTE: After much thought and discussion,  the Olive Township Historical Society feels it is in the best interest of our community and loyal supporters to cancel the Christmas Home Tour for 2020 due to the pandemic. Plan on this popular event and others to return in 2021!

Welcome to Olive Township, a community of thriving agriculture, business and residential neighborhoods cultivated from generations of families in the heart of Ottawa County, Michigan.

Founded through the first election of officers on April 6, 1857, Olive Township selected its first Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer through the vote of 57 attendees. Today, Olive Township has approximately 2,700 registered voters and the ninth Supervisor of record since its founding. Originally named Eastman Township and extending all the way to Lake Michigan as the western border, Olive Township split in 1915, creating current day Port Sheldon Township.

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We are two weeks away from the election and this is what the returned absent ballot cart looks like. (Don't worry--it gets locked in a safe place each night when we leave!)

We have issued over 1,100 absent ballots and received LESS THAN HALF of them back. It's time to make your choices and get your ballots back to us. There are several ways to return your voted ballot--by mail (soon!), in person at the office, or in the 24/7 secure dropbox that is mounted in the exterior west wall of the township office.

How do you plan to return your ballot, and when? Or will you be voting in person this election?
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This could make all the difference...Remember to shut your door when you are sleeping! This could save your life. ... See MoreSee Less

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If you can wait a couple weeks to burn your brush pile open burning season in Olive Township starts November 1 and runs through the end of May with a permit. Permits are free and easy to obtain. Just call the office at 786-9996 during regular business hours. Permits are required to prevent unnecessary emergency calls when passersby see your smoke and flames. Please be responsible when burning--don't start a fire if you can't be present to watch it, or if winds are predicted to be strong. ... See MoreSee Less

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